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Grumpy Goats Farm produces California-grown extra virgin olive oil. We want to produce the very best extra virgin olive oil. We think people will enjoy the great variety, complexity, and subtle differences in flavor that are part of extra virgin olive oils. Not to mention we like the health benefits of EVOO as part of our regular diet. We prefer oils with high levels of polyphenols and our oils test quite high each year. Olive oils with high amounts of polyphenols are more lively, flavorful and complex, and have longer shelf life.


Our small farm is located in Capay Valley, about 80 miles northeast of San Francisco. We have a great climate here, and good clay loam soil for growing olives. Our first trees were planted in 2008 and we enjoyed our first harvest of Coratina olives in November 2010. We are proud to have our oil certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council and certified organic by CCOF.