Farmer’s Markets and Retail Stores that sell our oil:


Downtown Palo Alto Farmers’ Market – Sat: 8am-12pm, year-round

Grove Market – Family owned and operated neighborhood market in downtown Pacific Grove, CA

Guinda Corner Store – Guinda, CA  general merchandise store since 1891.  Specializes in local Capay Valley goods.

Market Hall Foods – Oakland, CA Celebrating Bay Area food and community for over 30 years.

Sunshine Foods Market – St Helena, CA. Family owned and operated market and deli since 1975

Taylor’s Market – Sacramento gourmet grocery store

New Jersey

Olive Oil Lovers    Online purveyor of extra virgin olive oils you can trust.  Curated from the world’s best producers every year.

Washington, D. C.

All Things Olive – Washington D. C. farmers’ market-based retailer of California extra virgin olive oil and vinegars.

We also take phone and mail orders.

To order, write to contact@grumpygoatsfarm.com or call 530-796-0000.

We Grow What We Sell.

Pamela in Brooklyn

Guinda Corner Store in California

Taylor’s Market in Sacramento

https://static1.squarespace.com/static/550f4775e4b0c3aa90e02b0b/t/5514ce6ee4b0413cd5df1181/1427426938022/IMG_6430.JPG?format=1500wGrove Market in Pacific Grov

Grumpy Goats Farm front yard pop-up market