Pamela and Stuart

Meet the Founders – more

Pamela and Stuart also have complementary talents that they put to good use developing the farm:  Pamela is an experienced project manager, having worked for information technology firms in Silicon Valley for years. Stuart is a skilled general contractor who designs and builds beautiful homes.  He is also an expert mechanic, and has a fine stable of old Chevy trucks.

Together they have made good progress on the farm:  there are now 3000 olive trees on 17 acres.  Coratina, Picual, Pendolino, Itrana, Barnea, Hojiblanca, and Nocellera del Belice varietals have been planted.  Hedgerows of native trees, shrubs, flowers for birds and pollinators are thriving. Dozens of shade and fruit trees have been planted around the farmstead.  Drip irrigation has been installed throughout.  The work continues.

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