2020 harvest oils now sold out!

You may remember that we had a much smaller yield than normal for the 2020 harvest.  This was at least partly due to it being a down year for alternate bearing olive trees.  And now that small yield is pretty much sold out. 

We will be making a few more trips, once a month, to the Downtown Palo Alto Farmers Market (first Saturday of the month August thru November) to sell the little we have left. 

The 2021 harvest is just around the corner.  We are looking forward to picking again in October/November and we will be planning to bottle some delicious, vibrant, Olio Nuovo, as soon as it is ready.  That will be our special blend of varietals, bottled as soon as possible after harvest and without filtering or settling.  Should be wild!

Please write contact@grumpygoatsfarm.com and ask to be notified when the Olio Nuovo is available.
Thanks to all of you who have been loyal customers of ours these past years and we’re sorry not to have a good supply of our oil for you.