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In 2017 we feature four different  oils: Italian Blend, Pendolino, Picual, and Coratina.  Our olives are sustainably farmed on our farm in Capay Valley. Its fertile soil and Mediterranean climate provide a perfect habitat for world-class olive orchards. The olives are harvested by hand starting in late October.



This oil has mild fruity tones, with fresh grass, creamy artichoke and almond traits, and a spicy ginger finish. It is viscous and slightly peppery.  It goes well with seafood and pasta dishes, and as a dipping oil. Enjoy it for its satisfying taste and heart healthy benefits.



Our Picual, with its Spanish ancestry, is robust - a beautiful, complex and well balanced oil, with the sweet fresh aroma of ripe fruit and tomatoes. The flavors of fresh green leaves, toasted almond, and banana are balanced with a slight bitterness and a peppery pungent finish.  Good with anything tomato. Makes a lively citrus vinaigrette. We also like it as a finishing oil, drizzled on grilled meats.



This is a robust oil, with big fresh green fruit with hints of wheat grass and apple, and a peppery finish. It is ideally suited for drizzling on soups, grilled meats and vegetables, and in salads with deep flavored greens.


Italian Blend

This is a blend of our early-ripening Italian varietals, from our Pendolino, Nocellara del Belice, Itrana and Frantoio trees.  This year it is our mildest oil - fruity, well-balanced, with green fruit and floral notes, and a spicy ginger/cinnamon finish.  Use it to make home made mayonnaise,  to saute brussel sprouts and broccoli, or in risottos.  Wonderful paired with balsamic or wine vinegars.