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The California Olive Oil Council is a non-profit trade and marketing association whose purpose is to promote the growing of olives and the production of olive oil in California. The COOC supports certified olive oil standards and provides grower, producer and consumer education. It was founded in 1992.


The Olive Oil Times is a wonderful source of information and news about olive oil. They have an iPhone app, which is a comprehensive sourcebook about olive oils.


UC Davis Olive Center

The Olive Center has helped build a strong university/industry coalition aimed at meeting the research and education needs of olive growers and processors, driving toward the Center’s vision “to do for table olives and olive oil what UC Davis did for wine.”


Extra Virginity - Truth in Olive Oil - Follow Tom Mueller's work 'to build a community of people fascinated by great olive oil, and start a grassroots revolution in oil quality, one post, conversation and oil tasting at a time."  Here you will find good advice about buying oil and using oil, stories about oil-makers and an introduction to the fascinating and murky world of international oil production and trade.


The Mojet Wheel was developed in 1993 as a proposal for

a standard reference for virgin olive oil sensory evaluation.