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This Organic Extra Virgin California Olive Oil is made from our early ripening Pendolino olives. The oil has soft fruity tones and a warm nutty taste, with a spicy ginger finish. It is a somewhat delicate oil, and marries well with seafood and mild greens.  A good base for bread dippers.  Harvested Fall 2017.




This Organic Extra Virgin California Olive Oil is made from Picual olives. Picual is the world's most prolific olive, found largely in southern Spain.  Our Picual has big, green fruit flavor that recalls cut grass, green herbs, a whiff of pine, and a black pepper finish, a pungent oil heightening the flavor of deep full bodied greens.  Try with citrus vinaigrettes. Harvested Fall 2017.





This Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is milled from our Coratina olives.  A robust Italian-style oil.   Lots of green tea and green grass up front, a hint of artichoke, and a long apple-pie-spice finish.  It is a robust oil, ideal for drizzling on soups, grilled meats and vegetables.  It is high in polyphenols.  Harvested Fall 2017.




This Grumpy Goats Farm Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from Frantoio olives. It exhibits lots of fruitiness with a little bitterness and pungency.  Herbal and sweet butter notes give way to creamy artichoke and a lingering green banana flavor.  Use this delicate olive oil with mashed potatoes  or in home-made mayonnaise on grilled asparagus.

 Harvested Fall 2017.






Italian Blend


This Organic Extra Virgin California Olive Oil is a blend of oil from our early-ripening Italian varietals, from our Pendolino, Nocellara del Belice, Itrana and Frantoio trees.  It is our mildest oil, fruity, well-balanced, with green fruit and floral notes, and a spicy ginger/cinnamon finish.  Use it to make mayonnaise, to saute brussel sprouts and broccoli, or in risottos. Harvested Fall 2017.