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Spring 2017


Each year we have participated in what we consider to be the most significant US competitions for  Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We have won medals for our oils each year.


The COOC competition is open to California producers who have had their oil certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC). Generally over 100 oils are submitted for judging.


The Yolo County Fair competition is open to all California producers and is judged by a tasting panel selected in collaboration with the UC Davis Olive Center.  Generally over 100 oils are submitted for judging.


The Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition is one of the world's largest, attracting olive oils from around the world. Between 500-600 oils are submitted for the spring competitions.


The New York Olive Oil Competition claims to be one of the world's largest EVOO competitions, with over 700 entries from 25 countries.


California State Fair Competition is open to all California producers.  Their inaugural contest was held in 2015 and they have been receiving over 100 oils for judging each year. In 2016 Grumpy Goats Farm won a division award for 'Best California Extra Virgin Olive Oil by an Artisan Producer'.


Our oils have done very well, garnering 23 gold medals, a Best in Division, a Best in Class and a Best in Show award since our first competitions.